Fiction by Davis

In my blog postings I make every attempt to write objectively and rationally about the serious issues associated with alternative energy development. But here on these pages I take off the creative handcuffs and let things spill over to concepts that are definitely more science fiction than science. I hope you find the results entertaining as well as thought-provoking

Some of these stories are associated with a novel that I have published through the Amazon site. It is available here:

The Friend

Decree 55: The year is 2055. With hydro-carbon resources running out and a global ban on nuclear energy there is no alternative but to drastically reduce mankind's use of electricity. The countries of the mid lattitudes demand that energy be shared equally on a per capita basis. As a result, citizens living in far northern and southern parts of the planet are forced to make a difficult decision.

The Arrowhead: Three siblings go on an adventure that binds them forever.