Fiction and Non-Fiction by Davis

In my blog postings I make every attempt to write objectively and rationally about the serious issues associated with alternative energy development. But here on these pages I take off the creative handcuffs and let things spill over to concepts that are definitely more science fiction than science. I hope you find the results entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

Some of these stories are related to an unpublished novel that was submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and was one of the very few works of Science Fiction that got to the final 200 out of 5,000 submissions.

Where I Want To Be: A very intelligent man feels his mental capacity slipping away and decides that he needs to control his own destiny.

Decree 55: The year is 2055. With hydro-carbon resources running out and a global ban on nuclear energy there is no alternative but to drastically reduce mankind's use of electricity. The countries of the mid lattitudes demand that energy be shared equally on a per capita basis. As a result, citizens living in far northern and southern parts of the planet are forced to make a difficult decision.

The Arrowhead: Three siblings go on an adventure that binds them forever.

The Bad Check: My take on the history of the American Slave economy and how that history has fueled the "Black Lives Matter" movement.